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Here’s a list of my college involvement which has given me plenty of opportunities & helped me develop myself to the scholar I am Today ❤

Sigma Phi Gamma, Seminole State College of Florida (SSC)
Seminole State Volunteers Leadership Team, SSC
Leadership Challenge Team, SSC
Hispanic Student Association, SSC
Phi Theta Kappa, SSC
Art & Phyllis Grindle Honors, SSC
Student Government Association, SSC
Transfer & Transition Services, University of Central Florida (UCF)
Transfer knights, UCF
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, UCF
Latino Fellowship, UCF
I Am Second, UCF
Wide Open Church EPIC College Group, Sanford FL
Burnett Honors College, UCF
Honors Congress, UCF

McNair Scholar                                                                                                                                                                                           

Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program, UCF

Organizations I’ve supported/worked/volunteered with:
Ronald McDonald House of Charities
Harvest Times International Inc.
24 Plus 1
From Outside In
Junior Achievement
I Am Second Movement
Flor Foundation
Give Kids The World
American Heart Association
American Lung Association
WAVE Foundation
Toys for Tots
Costa Rica Orphanages Clothing & Shoe Drive

Travel Destinations:
From San Germán, Puerto Rico
Orlando, Florida
San Agustin, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Stone Cove Mountain, Georgia
Dallas, Texas
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Tarija, Bolivia
Nassau, Bahamas
Cozumel, Mexico
Costa Maya, Mexico
Grand Cayman Islands
Roatan, Honduras
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chicago, Illinois
Varaždin, Croatia
Split, Croatia
Debrovsnik, Croatia
Zadar, Croatia
Trogir, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia
Berkeley, California
Palo Alto, California
San Francisco, California
Dallas, Texas
Denton, Texas
Miami, Florida
Nassau, Bahamas
….to be Continued 🙂




These are a collection of flower photos I have been able to capture during my travels. I have included some from my grandma’s garden from my hometown San Germán, Puerto Rico. The others are from beautiful gardens in Croatia and California.


The beautiful city of Varaždin, Croatia, known for as the City Where Angels Sleep. This creative installment is located in a small alley between two buildings in Croatia. Carefully hidden, giving it a mysterious yet marvelous thought at point of discovery by tourists. Photo taken June 2012.


This is one of the most beautiful historic places in Varaždin, Croatia. This town reminds me of my hometown in San German, Puerto Rico. It has beautiful plazas, a cathedral, the Faculty of Organization & Informatics (FOI)University of Zagreb, great food, beautiful people and its genuine Old Town Castle.

The “Licitar” is Croatia’s symbol of love and affection. It is a beautiful hand-crafted work of art made of an edible ginger bread sweet cookie containing honey, but is used as decoration rather than for eating. It is given as a gift during holiday celebrations to loved ones and it is a favorite Christmas tree ornament.

For more information about Licitars, orders, and or recipes:

Licitar Making:

Visit Croatia

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