As a scholar my purpose is to provide & promote valuable information as a thank you to all those who have helped me in my scholarly journey.

Living in the moment


Sometimes all we need to do is to stop and in slow motion feel, hear, touch, smell & see how beautiful life is. Appreciate every little moment & cherish the wonderful memories of small things such as a mini flower bouquet from a caring friend, while strolling the streets of Berkeley, CA <3.

Photo taken by Natymarie August 2012 ❤


LiFe OwN iT bReAtH iT livE iT likE yOu MeAn iT <3

Wilmaida Ortiz-Avilez Photography

Hello I am Natymarie

“I am a scholar on a journey full of adventures. I enjoy sharing meaningful resources, things, places, thoughts that make a difference in this world”


❤ San Francisco Street Art Background: Artist Unknown ❤

Flower Scene Souvenirs


These are a collection of flower photos I have been able to capture during my travels. I have included some from my grandma’s garden from my hometown San Germán, Puerto Rico. The others are from beautiful gardens in Croatia and California.

Pumpkin Patch Season


One of my favorite seasons. Great weather, even in Orlando, Florida. Less humidity and cooler feel. Boots & Dresses type of weather ❤

Wilmaida Ortiz-Avilez Photography

For Peace Alone Do I Ring


“For Peace Alone Do I Ring”-Inscribed in the Hoover Tower’s largest bell.

A beautiful glance from Stanford’s historic Hoover Tower. This its a very inexpensive and or free tour, where you can learn a lot about the history of war, revolution and peace of America. It holds 48 bells, a gift from the Belgium-American Foundation. Provides a great view of the serene campus.

Photo taken in Palo Alto, CA. August 2012.

San Francisco Street Art


Murals are one of my favorite types of creative expression! In this case this one spoke to me & I found it powerful. It is made in honor of all the indigenous people who have been made prisoners of their own land. Mural Project 98′,located in San Francisco,CA. Photo taken August 2012.

Reflection Pond


UCF has one of the most beautiful university campuses in Florida. The Reflection Pond is the spot where students relax, socialize, sleep and study. Many events are held here from Charity 5K’s to Homecoming Pegasus Palooza.

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