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The beautiful city of Mount Dora is located in Central Florida. It is know for its many festivals and Antique stores. Arepas are by far the best food item at the Art Festival this weekend. They are of South American origin and are sweet creamy corn patties with mozzarella. I am still dreaming about the next time I have the opportunity to eat one!

Photos taken 10/28/12 by Natymarie Mount Dora, Florida ❤


Wilmaida Ortiz-Avilez Photography

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❤ San Francisco Street Art Background: Artist Unknown ❤


Murals are one of my favorite types of creative expression! In this case this one spoke to me & I found it powerful. It is made in honor of all the indigenous people who have been made prisoners of their own land. Mural Project 98′,located in San Francisco,CA. Photo taken August 2012.


The beautiful city of Varaždin, Croatia, known for as the City Where Angels Sleep. This creative installment is located in a small alley between two buildings in Croatia. Carefully hidden, giving it a mysterious yet marvelous thought at point of discovery by tourists. Photo taken June 2012.


Photography by Wilmaida Ortiz-Avilez Seasonal & Portrait Photographer

The “Licitar” is Croatia’s symbol of love and affection. It is a beautiful hand-crafted work of art made of an edible ginger bread sweet cookie containing honey, but is used as decoration rather than for eating. It is given as a gift during holiday celebrations to loved ones and it is a favorite Christmas tree ornament.

For more information about Licitars, orders, and or recipes:

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