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24 plus 1

This new 2014 Central Florida 24 Plus 1 Project sensation has been making an impact in the local community, anywhere from just giving flowers to strangers and making them smile, to capturing art in Orlando Florida to spreading awareness about Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking.

The 24 Plus 1 projects creator is an amazing colombian young lady Lorena Tovar, who I have known for years through our involvement in the Seminole State Volunteers Leardership Team Program at Seminole State College in Sanford, Florida. Her ideas are inspired by her travels, heritage, passion, the community that surrounds her and plenty of research conducted. These have taken place at Lake Eola Park in Down Town Orlando, as well as at Cranes Roost Park in Uptown Altamonte Springs and at the University of Central Florida.

This community service and awareness initiative has been reaching out and involving the Central Florida community, and thanks to the means of technology is inspiring communities around the world.

Valentine's Day Domestic Violence Awareness Project <3

Valentine’s Day Domestic Violence Awareness Project ❤


International Day of Happiness Project <3

International Day of Happiness Project ❤

Making a difference in this world one step at a time ❤



Bottle caps are not recyclable. When littered, they take long journeys to end up in wildlife stomachs, thus killing them.

Terra Cycle is green company that makes products out of non-biodegradable products such as: Capri sun pouches, bottle caps, m&m bags, etc. They often pay for the bulk collection of these and or donate to charity, through a point earning system.

This could be a great way to prevent all these bottle caps from ending in the ocean and diminishing the amount of trash.

I love turtles, sea turtles are my favorite! Every time I have an opportunity to help them, you will continue to see posts from me. If you have any suggestions of what else can be done with these bottle caps, please share away! I am really into recyclable art also!

Please don’t litter ❤

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