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The beautiful city of Mount Dora is located in Central Florida. It is know for its many festivals and Antique stores. Arepas are by far the best food item at the Art Festival this weekend. They are of South American origin and are sweet creamy corn patties with mozzarella. I am still dreaming about the next time I have the opportunity to eat one!

Photos taken 10/28/12 by Natymarie Mount Dora, Florida ❤


Early August 2012, I visited Berkley, CA. A beautiful city, full of small crafty unique of Mom & Pop stores. Anything you’d like to eat, they had it. There was one small spot in the corner of Telegraph Avenue that was full of 30 plus students lining up in the corner of the street every night. It was the famous CREAM store. I had to try it! Yummy Ice-cream sandwiches!


Ice Cream Sandwich @ Berkeley, CA

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