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Enjoying the cotton candy New Smyrna Beach, Florida Sun Sets! Great bars, shops & restaurants! Beautiful view & lots of relaxing fun! I love playing tourist with friends, going places, discovering great food, and being one with nature! Love it!



Bottle caps are not recyclable. When littered, they take long journeys to end up in wildlife stomachs, thus killing them.

Terra Cycle is green company that makes products out of non-biodegradable products such as: Capri sun pouches, bottle caps, m&m bags, etc. They often pay for the bulk collection of these and or donate to charity, through a point earning system.

This could be a great way to prevent all these bottle caps from ending in the ocean and diminishing the amount of trash.

I love turtles, sea turtles are my favorite! Every time I have an opportunity to help them, you will continue to see posts from me. If you have any suggestions of what else can be done with these bottle caps, please share away! I am really into recyclable art also!

Please don’t litter ❤


The beautiful city of Mount Dora is located in Central Florida. It is know for its many festivals and Antique stores. Arepas are by far the best food item at the Art Festival this weekend. They are of South American origin and are sweet creamy corn patties with mozzarella. I am still dreaming about the next time I have the opportunity to eat one!

Photos taken 10/28/12 by Natymarie Mount Dora, Florida ❤


Sometimes all we need to do is to stop and in slow motion feel, hear, touch, smell & see how beautiful life is. Appreciate every little moment & cherish the wonderful memories of small things such as a mini flower bouquet from a caring friend, while strolling the streets of Berkeley, CA <3.

Photo taken by Natymarie August 2012 ❤

Wilmaida Ortiz-Avilez Photography

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❤ San Francisco Street Art Background: Artist Unknown ❤


These are a collection of flower photos I have been able to capture during my travels. I have included some from my grandma’s garden from my hometown San Germán, Puerto Rico. The others are from beautiful gardens in Croatia and California.


One of my favorite seasons. Great weather, even in Orlando, Florida. Less humidity and cooler feel. Boots & Dresses type of weather ❤

Wilmaida Ortiz-Avilez Photography

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